Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The QaQaa Stinks

According to this Kerry/Edwards press release, the missing Iraqi weapons could be in the hands of terrorists.

"After being warned about the danger of major stockpiles of explosives in Iraq, this administration failed to guard those stockpiles - where nearly 380 tons of highly explosive weapons were kept. Today we learned that these explosives are missing, unaccounted for and could be in the hands of terrorists. "Terrorists could use this material to kill our troops and our people, blow up airplanes and level buildings. "In May of this year, the administration was warned that terrorists may be helping themselves to 'the greatest explosives bonanza in history."

There is only one problem with this. If the weapons were in Iraq at the start of the war, we did not find the weapons when we arrived, and terrorists have them, then terrorists were in Iraq ready to pounce BEFORE the start of the war AND organized enough to get these weapons as Saddam’s government was collapsing. However, Kerry/Edwards keep telling us that terrorists were not in Iraq before the war.

Finally, we have Russia Tied to Iraq's Missing Arms from Bill Gertz at the Washington Times with some convincing evidence that Russia moved the weapons before the war started.


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