Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Doctor Howard

Conventional wisdom among many Democrats during the past election cycle was that Republicans were never serious about having wanted, and I mean REALLY WANTED, to have been able to run against Howard Dean. This DailyKOS post spells out why the right was wrong to underestimate Doctor Howard way back in 1/2004 back when it was a sure-thing that Dean was getting the nomination.

After reading this Marc Cooper post I can only wonder how long the Democrats who ardently did and still do support the former governor think he would have lasted as the Democratic nominee had he been able to avoid campaign meltdown until after the conventions.

The right is just as likely to be wrong about the strength of the left’s candidates as the left is of the right’s. However, the Democrats are now paying a price for not believing that the Republicans were being honest when they were salivating over the prospect of a Democrat ticket in 2004 that was headlined by Howard Dean.

Marc is right; the left is going to cut its losses with Dean sooner or later, likely sooner. The question is whether Dean’s supporters and detractors on the left will realize that there is a combination of both substance and style that is causing the second Dean implosion. It isn’t all style.


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