Friday, October 29, 2004

The UBL Turnout

This VodkaPundit post is just one example of reports about very high turnout this year. This is not surprising given that emotions started off at a rolling boil after the 2000 election with 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq adding to the passion, and more superlatives of all sorts from both sides anyone with even an intermittent heartbeat has a reason to vote.

With the return to video releases today by Usama bin Laden we have likely seen the only event shy of an event none of us wants to happen again that could have added significantly to an already high voter turnout. We’ll know Tuesday or later who the video helped or if it did at all, through exit polling.

I only have one question. If voter turnout is so high that people don’t get to vote, will anyone suggest we sue bin Laden for disenfranchising voters?


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