Monday, November 29, 2004

Red and Blue Therapy

If the MSM are to be believed (yes, I know, but stick with me here) the Red and the Blue states are more divided than we have been in a very long time, so long, in fact, that the appropriate quasi-humorous thing to do is to draw up a cartoon reflecting the isolation that blue states feel from red states, or as they’ve taken to calling them, Jesusland. Yet, US Presidential elections have gone far beyond the point of humor; the unthinkable can result from them.

As someone concerned about the divide, real or perceived, I have been trying to think of something that might help bring Americans closer together, to allow each side to better understand the other. After some brainstorming, I think I have settled on am appropriate first step: A Sister Cities Program. Surely the folks at Sister Cities International could put together a program to help.

I am a bit surprised that no one is out on TV or in print yet suggesting that we mend fences in this manner. As for the folks at Sister Cities International, an email sent asking about this critical red/blue issue was not answered.

Update: Yes, this post is only semi-tongue-in-cheek.


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