Wednesday, September 14, 2005

John Roberts

Watching the John Roberts confirmation hearings the past two days has been fairly amusing, especially for a political junkie like me. The proceedings have the distinct look of the Senate Judiciary Committee testifying before Robert. The Republicans are barely able to get in an interrogative sentence between all their effusive praise, and Democrats, after day one, are hardly any better. My favorite image from this grand Senatorial hat tip to pomp and circumstance came late today. Sen. Biden managed to shoe horn a question into a 5 minute diatribe on one issue of concern or another. Roberts reply began explaining that a judge has to look more broadly than the narrow issue at hand in any case he would decide. Biden’s facial expression was one of true admiration for the man correctly answering his question perfectly and in a manner totally unintended by Biden. Almost under his breath, hardly noticeable to anyone not paying close attention, he offered only, “You’re good.”

In a room full of lawyers, Roberts looks like a major leaguer playing against a knothole team.


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