Tuesday, November 02, 2004


As I encourage everyone to do today, I voted. A bit of description of my experience this morning. At 10:15am, my local polling place was not at all heavily attended. There were enough open booths to accommodate everyone standing in line and from what I could tell of the voter rolls turnout had been light earlier today as well. My polling precinct is Democrat dominated in a Republican area of Ohio. Aside from my surprise at a local of any challengers, there was only one “irregularity” I noticed. As I entered the building, there was a local campaign volunteer passing out stickers for his candidate of choice (also local candidate). When I left, he was already gone from that position. I imagine that his brief stay so close to the polling place can be overlooked since we were experiencing a steady rain and he looked as if he had been standing in it for a while.

I hope you are like me in that you had a good voting experience and are proudly displaying your “I voted” sticker.


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