Monday, September 26, 2005

No Bid Contracts

It is apparently all the rage, again, to report on “no bid” contracts and to say “no bid” and “Bush” in close proximity as many times as possible. Under a time of status quo, any normal, thinking American would prefer an open bid process. However, we have encountered a national problem that needs a solution.

So, let’s define that problem in decidedly non-political language. We experienced a God/Mother Nature induced disaster of epic proportions that has displaced hundreds of thousands of American citizens and flooded a major city.

Within this frame is it better to award the less than ideal “no bid” contract or is it better to follow SOP under status quo conditions? That would mean sending out an RFP with a deadline of 30-90 days, another 15-30 days of public comment, and then a debate of another 30 days or so to award these contracts.

We could immediately send in help and begin to rebuild and fortify the areas destroyed by two hurricanes or we can take 75 days or more before awarding contracts. I can only imagine how the MSM would react if the Bush administration were to take its advise with respect to “no bid” contracts.


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