Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry Concedes (Edwards Announces)

Sen. Kerry just finished up what I consider to be a very gracious and noble concession speech. He was grateful to his supporters and this nation as a whole, humble, basically everything he had to be. Sen. Kerry rose to the occasion in a way that Gore was never able, better than many candidates I have ever seen. America always moves forward.” I hope you are right, Senator.

Edwards, on the other hand, signaled to every Democrat in this country that he is first in line and he isn’t budging one inch. He announced that 4 years from now he was going to run once again on the “Two Americas” theme. Unlike Sen. Kerry, Edwards made clear that he is a hyper-aggressive, opportunistic partisan with no sense of timing. Does anyone doubt he is already on his cell phone, huddled with advisors making sure they have a plan to outflank any would be challengers?


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