Wednesday, December 08, 2004

UN Oil-for-Food

Democrats calling for Annan’s Head: (Via Instapundit)
It seems as if everyone is talking about Kofi Annan and the need to replace the head of the UN for the mismanagement and/or malfeasance associated with the Oil-for-Food scandal. No one is talking about the fact that Saddam was aided by no less than 3 permanent members of the Security Council. That placing “leaders” from smaller countries less involved in the interactions of the largest and most influential countries on the planet makes it easy for those same countries to manipulate the UN, Security Council, and the Secretary-General. You can replace Kofi Annan, but unless there is a change in the way the Secretary-General is determined, the exact same thing is likely to happen, over and over again anytime that one or more member of the Security Council seeks to subvert the power of the Secretary-General for their own nationalistic/internal/personal reasons.

This may also be of interest.


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