Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Talking Head Prediction

Predictions are difficult under most circumstances. Every now and then, though, things become obvious and it becomes comfortable to step out on that limb and bounce a little. With that said, here I go:

Over the next week or two you are going to see an incredible amount of cynicism from the MSM. The MSM is going to be talking about how Karl Rove is now influencing the actual events on the ground during our war in Iraq. We are going to see and read this because in short order Fallujah and probably Ramadi are going to come under attack by our brave soldiers in what will likely be the largest offensive we have seen in quite some time.

MSM pundits and talking heads are going to tell us that Bush didn’t do this before the election because if it does not go as well as it could, he would be ruined in the polls. What I don’t expect them to say is that if the American people (regardless of MSM opinion) thought it was a success, the MSM would have been accusing Bush of using his power as Commander in Chief to wield our overwhelming military power to crush a few thousand insurgents for the benefit of securing his victory over Senator Kerry.


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