Friday, November 12, 2004

What Arafat Fought For

One of the oft repeated phrases that continue to pop up in the run up to and now wake of Yasser Arafat’s death is that he ‘fought for the creation of a Palestinian State.’ While paraphrased, this notion reflects the comments of both heads of state and talking heads alike as mini-eulogies pour out onto the air waves, across cable lines, and into cyberspace.

I am left wondering when it is that Arafat did this fighting. I can recall Arafat fighting against the Israelis. I can recall Arafat making slight feints towards peace. I can even recall Arafat being lifted out of the moral sewer of life and coming to the White House to secure his name on a peace prize that should now disgrace the entire Nobel community. Yet, I can not once recall when Arafat actually fought for a Palestinian state. I cannot remember once when he fought and chose the tough route that would have created a free and democratic Palestine.

I cannot recall once when Yasser Arafat placed Palestine ahead of himself.


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