Thursday, November 04, 2004

Exit Poll Flap

Via Instapundit. This FOX News article is suggesting that bloggers are to blame for leaked exit polling data from Tuesday’s election.

Glenn certainly raises some good points. I think there are other good points. Did the leaking or the information that made the MSM and Kerry campaign personnel giddy with the belief that Kerry was going to win? Was it the leaking or the information that led to the disappointment on the faces of main members of the MSM as FOX and then NBC called Ohio for George Bush?

From the article:

"I think people believed them, and it's particularly the case with Internet bloggers," said Kathy Frankovic, CBS News' polling director. "That's unfortunate because it sets up expectations that may or may not be met. I think it's a good exercise because it reminded people that early exit polls can be unreliable."

I wonder if, at CBS, Rathergate is somehow just some sort of exercise as well. Does she really think that same pajamahdeen believed these numbers?


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